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Joel Atkinson

Joel Atkinson


The art of craftsmanship and quality hasn’t been lost.

It thrives among builders who look at projects through a different lens. They’re the ones who care as much about the materials and design behind the walls, as the finishes and aesthetic touches that deliver instant gratification outside of them. They build with passion and pride. They treat their clients like family.

They understand your home isn’t merely an investment, it’s a place to live, grow and raise your family. At Profile, we believe your home should reflect your personality, your goals and should be a comforting space for you to thrive. Our homes are not only built to make memories; they’re built to last.

Modern Luxury

Our Foundation: Lasting Relationships

We believe that a handshake still means something. Our contracts are built on a promise—to deliver a home that exceeds your expectations—on time, on budget and without worries. Because at Profile, nothing is more important than your complete satisfaction.
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A Legacy of Craftsmanship

Custom Home Design

For more than 20 years, Profile Custom Homes founder Joel Atkinson has been building high-quality residences crafted to their owners’ exact specifications. In Joel’s view, a project isn’t complete until his clients are in love with their home. By building with pride, paying close attention to detail and never compromising on quality, he’s earned a reputation as one of the Greater Toronto Area’s leading custom home builders.

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